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125 kilometres of white sandy beaches, the largest department in France, 480 000 hectares of pine forest. Come and discover the chic seaside resort of Arcachon, the historic city of Bordeaux, Soulac, Barsac and many other pretty villages. The Gironde is the home of the most famous vineyards: there are 57 wine appelations to sample.
lacanau - A 4 Km du chateau Hôtel de Camperos   lacanau
Lacanau, the all year round resort, welcomes you with its mild climate. You can find out more information to make it an unforgettable stay.

Cap Ferret - A 4 Km du chateau Hôtel de Camperos   Cap Ferret
The pretty town of Cap Ferret on the bay of Arcachon is certainly worth visiting for its seafood restaurants, oysters and seaside flora. To the West of the town you can explore the wild beaches of the Atlantic coast. To the East, you can visit many quaint seaside villages around the bay.

Arcachon - A 3 Km du chateau Hôtel de Camperos   Arcachon
The seaside resort of Arcachon offers an exciting blend of influences: ocean maritime, Gascon and a hint of Spain.

Wine connoisseurs will recognize Bordeaux for its exceptional wines both red and white. This worldwide reputation is enhanced by its role as the predominant trading market for wine.

The city of Bordeaux is worth visiting for its classical architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries, its grand squares, cathedral, gothic churches and UNESCO classified monuments.

Château de Cazeneuve  Château de Cazeneuve
This castle is nested in lovely wooded parkland with a lake, along the Gorge of the River Ciron, 30 minutes south of Camperos in the middle of the forest.
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Château de Roquetaillade  Château de Roquetaillade
Roquetaillade castle is recognized as one of the most famous monuments in South West France. It is a unique example of feudal architecture with its two fortresses.
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Collegiale of Uzeste  Collegiale of Uzeste
This impressive gothic building from the 12th and 14th centuries is the resting place of Pope Clement V, the first pope to establish the papacy in Avignon, South West France (1314).
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Ciron  Ciron
The river Ciron has its source in Les Landes, meandering through the Lot-et-Garonne and then arriving in the Gironde where it flows into the Garonne at Barsac. Several canoeing/kayaking centres can be found along the river.
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